Google Real Alaskan Adventures in the Wild of Alaska: March 2010

The Moose Are Loose!

This time of year always brings lots of Moose to my homestead on Bald Mountain. Antlers have been dropped  and deep snow on the mountains forces most of them to lower elevations. Hungry wolves play a part in that lower migration as well.

They must feel safer here. They should as long as they leave my Lab alone, we'll get along fine. Living next to these wild creatures sure has been a pleasure over the years. 

Spring is finally on the way as well as new antler growth.

Chignik Alaska Wolves Kill Teacher

Its odd that just days ago I posted something about wolves. I now follow that post with this gruesome message about a young teacher visiting Alaska for the first time and being killed by wolves. Although it is an exception to the general rule, it is NOT uncharacteristic of Wolves to go out of their way to find food when times are tough. Late winter is tough for everyone and everything in Alaska.

In the Hand of the Hunter

Over the years, I have seen a lot of Alaskan hunters realize their lifelong dream of taking a magnificent trophy from Alaska. It was always the guide's job to make sure the clients trophy was well cared for and properly prepared for the taxidermist. If you are planning to hunt Alaska on your own, YOU will need to know how to properly skin and cape your trophy for the taxidermist. If you do not already know how you best spend some time learning before your Alaskan hunt begins.