Google Real Alaskan Adventures in the Wild of Alaska: December 2009

The Re-Distribution of Bill

For many year's I have noticed that people in Alaska have a tendency to opt for being turned to ashes when they transition instead of the traditional Lower 48 method. Most REAL Alaskans are all non-conformists; it's not just me.

I was ask one time to spread the ashes of some poor wife's husband. She wanted him flown over the mountains he loved so, and then dump the urn containing his ashes. Who can say no to a grieving widow? So I obliged.

Grim Reaper Took A Shot and Missed!

Two summers have now passed since my long time friend Thomas H. Miller and I found ourselves aboard the Lady Elizabeth in the frigid waters of the North Pacific.  I had not seen my friend for over 15 years and this was his first trip to Alaska, he arrived from Brandenburg, Kentucky, where we were high school classmates.Wow, did I impress him!  Our boat sank...

Hunting Alaska For Less- Part 3

  Hunting Alaska is not like any other hunting you have done before. It's not like elk hunting in Montana or Colorado. Its nothing like that Canada hunt you went on.  It's not like an African safari-IT'S HARDER!

Hunting Alaskan Big Game for LESS-Part 3

Budget Breakdown and Gear
We can assume as outdoorsmen you have some gear. Granted some of it will not work, but some of it will. We'll get to that in a minute. Let's see how our budget is doing.