Google Real Alaskan Adventures in the Wild of Alaska: December 2012

A Very Special Surprise!

When I was recently in Kentucky on a book signing trip I stopped by my"Mom's"(Doris Mangin) she was always like a Mom to me growing up so I began calling her Mammy. They always took us hunting growing up as we were neighbors on a farm down the road.

As I was saying, I stopped by because she wanted to show me the deer stands both of us would be using on her farm the next morning(opening day).

We started walking toward the woods leaving the wife behind us with a camera. As we turned the first corner, not even out of sight of the house, we saw this huge buck! Mammy grabbed me by the arm and her jaw dropped, as did mine! We froze! It never knew we were there as it was walking along a fence row with it's tail up moving and looking away from us.

When we both got over the shock we decided we had seen enough and not stink up the woods. We went back to the house in amazement!

Sherry caught this unique moment on camera! The snapshot above was the INSTANT we saw this huge buck. This will never happen again in our lifetimes but Mammy, now 85 and I, will cherish it forever!!

Frosty the Moose!

Turning cold in Alaska now but the Moose are fine! Note the frost on their backs and how well they must be insulated for that not to melt from body heat.

Our clothing pails in comparison!

Adult cow with her 1 year old calf.

Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Denny Crum and I at a recent book signing in Louisville, Kentucky. Denny is featured in one of the chapters in my book titled, "Denny Crum-Lord of the Flies".

He is an excellent fly fisherman and great hunter/sportsman. I also write about our Brown Bear hunt I guided him on when we were on the Alaskan Peninsula and the nice bear he took.