Google Real Alaskan Adventures in the Wild of Alaska: Among and Above the Glaciers

Among and Above the Glaciers

Climbing in Alaskan glacier country can take you breath away- Permanently!

Indeed the views are spectacular with nothing but mountains around you. You may be on a hunt for Dall Sheep or Mountain Goat or just out for a grueling climb. Whatever the reason, climbing in this country can be breathtaking-in more ways than one! 

The right gear is imperative. Throwing on an old pair of hiking boots on that have worn soles is a great way to die at these altitudes.  Not being in top physical shape is another way to "loose your breath"- permanently.

The right backpack is imperative! One that fits snugly across the shoulders and a good waist belt are must haves. Loose backpacks can shift creating a slight tug on you at the wrong moment and there goes your balance creating life-threatening problems for you.

 Lose shale rock can create an unrecoverable slide and if your shoes are worn and you have an improperly balanced backpack bouncing around is not good at these altitudes either.

Imagine all this with a rifle slung over your shoulder at the same time. I have had clients over the years that refused to go any further because of their lack of preparedness-which they were told before they arrived! If you plan to hunt in these conditions you MUST BE in top physical shape-no way around it!

As I have said before-Lady Alaska, She's Deadly Beautiful!