Google Real Alaskan Adventures in the Wild of Alaska: Who's Watching Who?

Who's Watching Who?

When I came across these Grizzly tracks on a recent hunt on the Bering River I could not help but wonder, "Am I looking at where he was or is he looking at where I am?"

I made tracks to Alaska 30 years ago to escape the Lower 48. To run from pre-conceived notions as to what my life should be and how I should live it. It was strange to me that people picture "what to do with my life" as if it's some plateau you reach and you can stop worrying about it after that. BULLBUTTER!

I think everyone goes through this and I think it has to do with how poorly our education system is structured to ensure children know themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, and Passions. In an attempt to prepare everyone for the "real world", a disconnect forms because they get us ready for what the work force and American government needs from us and not what WE need from LIFE!

I escaped to Alaska to live a life of adventure and after 30 years here, many of those spent as a professional hunting guide, I truly found my "brass ring". I might add, that it took brass balls to do it!

It's now 35 years later, boy do I have some stories to tell. These are stories you won't find in my book, you can read those separately. I want to use this forum to inspire people to be themselves and pursue their dreams. I want to answer questions about Alaska you won't find answers to in the tourists pamphlets.

ALASKAN Hunting, Fishing, Bush life, Sea Life, Survival skills, Bush flying, Whitewater Rafting, Flora, Fauna, Wildlife, Minerals, politics/Outhouses and more are all interesting subject matter that will be discussed. (the outhouse and politics belong as far from the cabin as a cold, dark, freezing night permits!) The gap between smart ass and visionary has narrowed. It takes a certain amount of colorful brevity to get your point across these days. I have no problem doing that!

Your destiny is your duty to yourself!