Google Real Alaskan Adventures in the Wild of Alaska: Surprise At Close Range!

Surprise At Close Range!

Surprise at Close Range!

First of all-this photo was not taken with a zoom lens!

At this close range-30 feet, this could have been a very bad encounter especially if this was a sow with cubs. Fortunately, it was a boar and it did not yet know how close I was. Had the wind direction been at my back this close encounter would have never happened. He would have been long gone.

I have spent a lot of time in the Alaskan Bush and encounters with bears, in my case, have been frequent. I never run from one and in fact, I make certain that I impose a bigger threat to him than the reverse. I do go to great lengths to make sure I am never this close to a sow with cubs-that is certain disaster for me and the bear.

The bear pictured here had been visible to me for some time and I kept the wind in "my" favorable direction so I could get this close. Testing skills I suppose, but to get this close to a Grizzly or Brown bear without them knowing it has always been a thrill like no other. We both knew we were there but only one of us, at this point, knows where the other is.

I do not recommend anyone attempt such encounters as it would probably not turn out well for one of you. I've just had lots of practice and know both of our limits and this photo is pushing that envelope, but it's damned exciting!
If you do encounter one of these bruins while in Alaska:

Don't run or turn your back!

If a boar charges, hold your ground. 90% of the time they'll stop and turn away.

Make lots of noise-before hand(unless of course, you are hunting them) If you are, don't wait to get this close and fire!

If you are not hunting and find yourself in bear country there is no need to be sneaking around. Make lots of noise, sound like a marching band, they'll avoid you.

ALWAYS remember, Surprising bears, any species, is always a bad idea!