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Hunting in Alaska-No walk in the Park!

Hunting in Alaska, It's No Walk in the Park!

For all those that don't hunt-It's hard in Alaska and you EARN it! Take for example this Brown Bear hunt.

First you have to get yourself and your gear to a remote location by small plane.

Then you must unpack all the gear and generally hike to a favorable spot with all your gear AND food AND cooking utensils AND camping gear-you need lots of it if you are going to stay comfortable for ten or more days at a time.

Then you must endure days of fowl weather all the while staying warm and dry.(did I mention packing clothing?)

Then there are days of endless hiking and glassing for game. Yes, Alaska has a lot of game, but we also have a LOT of country for game to hide in.

Now, after days upon days of inclement weather you get lucky and bag that trophy of a lifetime more work begins!

In the photo this Brown Bear hide was so heavy it could not be packed out on a frame-I tried and it BROKE the frame, now what? I told the client at the time that I would have to cut his trophy bear hide in half to pack it-he almost fainted! I was of course kidding but the only other option I had was what you see in the next photo. Roll it up in a tarp to protect it and then proceed to drag it three mile back to base camp where the small plane could be used to fly it out.

After all that work, I had to go back to spike camp and get all the gear and get it back to base camp where the plane was to haul all of that back.
Folks, hunting in Alaska is the hardest hunting in the world-bar none! 

You earn everything you get here. We don't have Landrovers like they do in Africa or horses like they do in Montana or pickup trucks like you do in the Lower 48!

If you ever plan to hunt in this Great State, be prepared to WORK HARD-it's no walk in the park!