Google Real Alaskan Adventures in the Wild of Alaska: A Wing and A Prayer

A Wing and A Prayer


WinganaPrayer is an old Bush Pilot term. It's not found in any of Webster's Dictionary versions. In this photo we gotta go east (left) and the pass looks like it might be closed-in around the far corner and there's no turning back and no place to land(we are on floats). We are cruising along about 800'. WE need that much time to properly panic if something sputters!

Times like this you make you dig deep, pucker up a little in various places and hope for the best. THAT'S Winganaprayer at its finest! Did I mention how much fuel we were burning? Did I mention headwinds? These thoughts and many more go through your head as you fly in this country. The only weather reports you get are from other pilots that recently went through these passes and that can all change in a flash! Mountain flying and flying in Alaska are true tests of one's flying skills and for those that do not develop them and continually hone them- well, lets just say they don't last too long here.

That ole Winganaprayer has worked for me for years.

Somebody call Webster, the word WinganaPrayer needs to be there!

            Bush Pilots are not often found in Church BUT pray more than most of You!