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Bull Crossing...

Bull on the Bridge!

It's almost mid January and this young bull Moose still has his antlers. That is typical for them although it is about time for them to shred their antlers and begin growing them again. Alaskan Moose are the largest member of the deer family in the world and their antlers can weigh up to 60 pounds, that's a lot of weight to pack around-and to pack out of the bush!

They will produce trophy class antlers by the time they are about 6-7 years old but the largest racks, when their diet is good, will be produced when they are about 10-12 years old. After that the racks become somewhat smaller as they continue to age.

This Moose is browsing on Birch limbs and their typical winter browse line is usually 6-8 feet high! The bull pictured here weighs around 800 lbs. now and he will continue to put on weight as the year progresses. Adult bulls can weight up to 1,600 lbs. That's a lotta Bull!

All hunters both resident and non-residents alike are required, by law, to pack out all the meat from the moose they harvest. If you don't, not only is that unethical but it is also called wanton waste here and there is a healthy fine for that-as it should be!

Alaskan and non-residents harvest about 6000-8000 Moose annually. Given the fact that a healthy full-grown moose will have about 600-800 lbs. of edible meat on it means Alaskans eat very well. Moose meat is delicious and does not have a "gamey" taste to it at all.

P.S. I built this bridge on my homestead several years ago. It took over 300 spruce logs to construct it and it spans some 50 feet. A word to the wise, don't burn bridges, they are too hard to build!